Promotion Cabana Chair for your own Business, with our own Business Logo

All Promotion Cabana Chairs on the pictures are not for sale! We only can sell a Promotion Cabana Chair with your own Business Logo

German Cabana Chair ‘Strandkorb’ as the ideal, long lasting advertising medium for a wide variety of advertising purposes. A beautiful German Beach Cabana Chair is large, eye-catching, incredibly comfortable and has a long lifespan.

Whether as a single item for the shop window, the open-air establishment, or as a high quality memorable competition prize.

Maybe even as an incentive for excellent customers, employees and colleagues.

In addition, the promotional-beach-garden cabana chair is an excellent eye-catcher for POS-Promotions with trading partners.

Whether a discreet brand logo on the neck rolls or a full color printing on all fabric parts,

we will design your promotional beach chair according to your wishes and ideas.

Custom Logo Beach Cabana Chair

We manufacture custom logo beach chairs exactly according to your specifications.

Whether as a single piece, small or large series. An extensive color palette made of man-made braided awning, fabrics and varnish offers you numerous possibilities for your individual promotional beach cabana chair.

Quantitiy-dependent special orders can also be implemented. We would be happy to expertly advise you, manufacture according to your wishes and take over the complete handling from individual dispatch to collective delivery.

The prices vary individually and are tailored to your wishes.