Cabana Chair   – fabrics

Choose from many beautiful designs! All fabrics are heavey, impregnated, extremely durable awning fabrics.

The upper basket canopy, seats and the side panels are made of the same high quality fabric.



 Fabrics – regular awning

High Quality awning fabrics!

Quality you can feel! For your German Cabana Chair always the best.

You can choose from a huge range of different fabric designs for your German Cabana Chair.

The fabrics are of extra robust and weatherproof quality that are specially made for the outdoors. The beautiful awning fabrics offer maximum seating comfort.

All fabrics are manufactured using the most modern methods. Thanks to a special impregnation, wind and weather conditions hardly harm the fabric. Even a chocolate stain can be removed with water and a little soap.

Of course it also depends on how you treat your European Cabana Lounge Chair!

Those who love their European modern Cabana Chairs also look after them.

A really good quality fabric is extremely important.


 UNI – Colors


Awning fabrics – solid colors – uni

Solid colored high quality fabrics for those who do not wish to have patterns.

Washable and breathable – 18 different colors to choose from.

We also offer solid colored and patterned samples of our awning fabrics. Just let us know, we will be happy to advise you. Your  European Cabana Chair ( German Strandkorb ) will be perfect in 2 different colors also.


 Fabric Design – for Vario and Duo


More choices – even more options. Ideal for Vario and Duo combinations:

For those who like it even more comfy, homely and soft, there are the lighter and finer fabrics made from mixed textile. Trendy and classic plaid is only possible here.


 PVC – Fabric


Polyvinyl-Fabrics: For true beach profis.

You want your German cabana chair to be prepared for all situations? Then choose the classic polyvinyl fabrics! These german cabana chairs can be left outside without a protective cover. Ideal for beaches, hotels, golf clubs, parks and commercially. If it rains, snows or autumn leaves fall, just wipe it clean. These fabrics are extremely robust and therefore ideal for professional use. You want to open a cabana chair rental here in the USA….. then these European cabana chairs are perfect! And we also have an protective – grille for the beach rental cabana chairs ( no one can sit in it without paying )