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The most popular German Strandkorb (German Beach Basket)

German Beach Cabana Chair

Are you looking for high quality outdoor patio furniture and custom design German Cabana Beach Chair – including the „German Strandkorb“? Then you are on the right place. Our Website is the place to start and finish shopping for your Garden, Patio and Beach Cabana furniture needs. This is your one-stop source for backyard dream living … so get your backyard ready!

We bring Vacation to your Backyard and Outdoor living, working hand-in-hand with the Number One German Strandkorb ( German Beach Basket ) Manufacturer. Our German Beach Baskets (German Beach Cabana Chairs) are 100% handcrafted and made in Germany, using High Quality and Weather Proof materials.

A German Strandkorb is an eye catcher and a jewel for your backyard or your Outdoor living space. Your very own stunning and windproof German Beach Basket (Strandkorb) that you can enjoy any time of the year. Fun for all four seasons. Enjoy a short break away from it all whenever you feel like it. Your Strandkorb in the USA will bring you relaxation and a wonderful feeling of vacation.

Whether your patio or other outdoor space is small or large, residential or commercial, Sunlimited Patio Inc. can help you make the right choice to suit your individual needs.

We outfit all outdoor areas, including but not limited to,  patios, backyards, pool decks, homes, apartments, hotels, restaurants, spas, golf clubs and other businesses. We can personalize your German Strandkorb to promote your Business or Company with your Business or Company Logo. Our Beach Cabana Chairs bearing your promotional Logo are a perfect and eye-catching way to advertise your business. An absolute eye catcher.

In Europe the wicker cabana chair is absolutely unique and has a long history. In 1882 the first Strandkorb (Beach Cabana Chair) were used at the beaches of the Baltic Sea in Germany. We are bringing this unique and stunning High Quality German Strandkorb – the German popular German Beach Cabana Chair, to the United States.

Perhaps you have sat and relaxed in a German Strandkorb ( German Beach Basket) while on vacation in Europe but for those not familiar with the European, Historical German cabana chair (Strandkorb), it will our joy to introduce them to you.

Enjoy a sense of comfort and luxury with your own High Quality, Stylish and Long Lasting German Strandkorb, You will love it!

You will love it. Enjoy a sense of comfort and luxury with your very own German Strandkorb.

We are the exclusive Strandkorb selling Company in the US with a HUGE RANGE of the German Strandkorb and Accessories for the Strandkorbs made in Germany.

Strandkorb - German Cabana Chair

The most popular German Strandkorb (German Beach Basket)

Strandkorb - Accessories

from ice bucket with holder to bistro table and extra large comfortable footrest cushions and lot more …

Strandkorb Information

Our Cabana chairs are supplied by the largest manufacturer of beach chairs in Germany. See all important information. German Strandkorb handmade. Made in Germany.

Patio Furniture

We are pleased to introduce you to our luxury patio furniture collection

Kid`s and doll Strandkorb

Whether for your children or as a great decoration in your home or other shop windows…..these mini beach chairs attract everyone.

Promotion Strandkorb

The „German Strandkorb“ as the ideal advertising medium with a long-term effect for a wide variety of advertising purposes. Large, eye-catching and incredibly comfortable.